Referral Marketing

Running an Offline Consulting Business?
Have Enough Clients?

Referral Wave SystemWithout a steady flow, you can’t pay the bills. I’ve seen many people are jumping into offline consulting after buying a couple products describing how to get new clients using email marketing, SEO, direct mail, video marketing, telemarketing, phone and physical cold calling, networking and numerous other marketing strategies.

While it’s great to have your marketing running on all cylinders, you really need to step back to evaluate your approach for a few things:

  • Is what you’re doing systematized and part of an ongoing strategy?
  • Are you leveraging your marketing resources and assets?
  • Is it easily duplicated and “outsourceable” so you can remove yourself from the task and continue to generate results?

If it is systematized, you can generally expect to follow the same stragtegy and achieve similar results, assuming you continue to adapt to the changing marketplace.

If you’re leveraging marketing resources and assets, particularly your client, prospect and network list, you have others working and partnering with you to help build your business.

If it’s outcourceable, you can have employees and partners perform the tasks and free yourself to work on building your business.

So, How Can You Build
Your Business?

Start by evaluating your marketing assets:

This site and my business are all about helping you build your business. Let’s face it, there’s a bunch¬† of crap out there being peddled as the nex magic pill to turn you into a millionaire overnight. There’s also some great materials available that build upon and use solid business strategies and tools.

What’s the best and most powerful marketing strategy? Assuming that you have the other elements of your business in order, there is one strategy that, in my opinion and that of other successful marketers – Referral marketing/Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures.

Why??? People like to buy things. They prefer to buy things from people or companies they know and trust. If a friend or associate recommends a company, it’s like a seal of trust saying, “This company/person has a good product and you can trust them.”

Looking back over my 30+ years in sales and marketing, the strategy responsible for my biggest sales and largest commissions was always referral marketing. I do and will continue to test new marketing tactics but each one of them is integrated into my Referral Wave System.

For years, I’ve taught my referral marketing system to employees, clients and friends. Those who’ve followed it have made a lot of sales and a lot of money. Many of them said, “Paul, you need to package and sell this referral system!” So that’s what I did!

If you’ve been looking for a system to make more money, get more clients, end the struggle for new clients and never again wonder where your next client or paycheck is coming from, you need to check out this system. To learn more, click here.